The Last Reflection of CALL


      I remembered that I had some troubles about the CALL course, as I didn’t know how to use internet applications. When the teacher gave us the syllabus, I had negative attitude towards to the course. The teacher told about what we would do during the term and I said that if only I had taken this course last year, but my feelings and thoughts are totally changed. I learned a lot of tools that I will use for my education in the future. After this course, I dealt with computer more and I research tools, programs implementing the tasks. I think that the CALL is an informative course for the teachers. These programs give us a chance to use in the course for enjoyment. If we use these tools, different activities draw the students’ attention.

         I am sure that I will use the tools effectively in my life and in my classrooms. Some tools are appropriate for teaching English young learners. Online teaching maybe attractive for the students and they can participate in these activities. I think that the technology will take a great part in education to teach the lesson. If we have knowledge about computer and programs, we will have advantages thanks to this course. For enjoyable lesson, we should take consideration into this course.

         Mostly, I spent a good time while creating my own web page. It consists of my some tools that I have done until now. In teaching English, we need to use computer and technology, so this course helps the students use the computer effectively. The students can improve their reading, writing, listening skills online if we use these programs to teach English in the classroom. Now I have a lot of accounts and lots of knowledge about the computer assisted language learning. I will use the computer for education apart from for enjoyment.

This course is useful and necessary for our department and I spent enjoyable time in this course.

 I’d like to express my thanks to Sedat AKAYOĞLU.

Weebly – Creating and Publishing a Web Page


Görsel     We learned today how to create and publish a web page. We will create our own web page for final project.   This tool seems very enjoyable and useful for us. My first impression on creating the web page is that it is difficult and complex, because there are a lot of elements that we must do. When we do it step by step, I have realised that it is very easy and enjoyable. Imagine, this web site is yours and you can design in an order that you want, but there is a list that the teacher ask us to follow it. It is not free.J

 We can add our tools that we have done until now. We can upload pictures, texts, videos etc to our web page. There are elements to use in the left section. We only choose one of them and drag it to the page. This is our final project and all of us have a personal web page thanks to CALL course. This project includes a lot of tasks but we did before such as digital storytelling, story jumper, audioboo etc. We only do these tasks integrate in a our web page and share it.

 I will create one and I hope that you will enjoy it. JJJ




We learned how to use the audioboo tool today. It is a type of digital media and we can record our voice uploading this program. Fistly, we must sign up for this program. There are a lot of podcasts from . We benefit from here in our department if the podcasts are related to our lesson. We can develop our listening skills and maybe improve our fluency. After we record our voice, we can post and share your sound files. We can use this tool for our lesson uploading listening activities and implement it in the classroom. It is very affective and authentic materials, so the students can improve their listening skills. Some listening activities that taken part in course book are difficult for the students to be understood, so we record our voice from here and share it with the students.  But we should have web connect to use this tool.


Digital Story Telling and Story jumper


GörselWe talked about Digital Story Telling and Story Jumper in this week.While we telling story, we can add voice record, photos and videos. The story should be short. The time is important, as if the time is too long, it can’t be watched. We can add shape around the text on the pictures. For preparing digital storytelling, we use the tool of You can benefit from to find stories. If we create our own digital stories, we need to use photos and text of the story, voice record. We upload the pictures respectively and write the text on these pictures, we can record our voice if we want. There are list of the pictures and we can arrange their times how long it stands the screen. Also, we can add animations and effects for the text or the pictures. And then we press the button of save project.  This program is very useful for English teachers and I am sure that I will use this tool. We can prepare the story before the lesson and show to the students. There are stories in course book and if we prepare with digital storytelling, it is effective and enjoyable for the students more than reading from the course book.

Another tool is story jumper.We can visit to look at the prepared the stories. It is online book. If we want to create an online book, we must have an account and choose a story script. There are examples of story jumper and we can benefit from them. We can add text and photos of the story that we have chosen. We put a picture in left side and we put the text in right side and we design the text like the size of or colour the writing. Maybe the pages of the story are not enough for our story telling, so we can add pages above the section. Then we press the button of share. This is enjoyable for the students, and I think that they can improve their reading skills online. Maybe the digital story telling is more useful, as we can add effects and animations to draw students’ attention.

Computer Mediated Communication


         Today’s topic was how to use MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, Facebook, Twitter tools. How do we implement these for education? Firstly, I want to explain about function of these tools. MSN messenger was used mostly for communicating online, but it doesn’t serve to people anymore. According to the teacher, the Yahoo is more useful than msn but I don’t know totally its function. Skype is necessary to be known, because you know that is not used anymore and this tool is preferred.

         Facebook , twitter takes a great part in our life and most of people use these tools to communicate each other. If we use twitter for education, it provides us some advantages. We can follow up some information that is shared in twitter. Google talk is useful for English teachers; you can attend online in conferences. You can develop your language skills attending in these conferences. But the most useful for both students and teacher is that facebook for me, because the students always log in the facebook and they are online. We can create a group and when publish the tasks, they can contact with us easily in this way.


Online conference -WIZIQ-

       The teacher mentioned about the final project ‘prezi’ at the beginning of the lesson. We talked about online Conference. It gives us a chance to send message online. We used wiziq for this tool. We log in We can add PowerPoint and visual aids that is online conference’s great advantages.  When we present it, we can point the important information about the subject by underlying, circle key words etc. and so everybody see it easily. 

      Teachers can invite the students to their blogs sharing the link before the lesson. If we ask the students to take a nickname, it is easier for them. The other advantage is that everyone can watch the video at the same time. A video is shared and students can talk about the video. The teachers can turn on or turn off anyone’s webcam that they want. If students want to talk, they can raise their hands or the teachers say if anyone who does it, raise their hands, the students who do raise their hands, so we make it more enjoyable. We can add or share any documentary whatever we want. It may be video, sound files. We can send a video from the YouTube or we can add. It is very useful, interesting and enjoyable tool to use for the lessons.

7 th Week of CALL

Nicenet and Dokeos

      I couldn’t attend course this week, but I got some informtion about the topic that was learned in the lesson. This week, the teacher taught the sites of and These programmes are related to e-learning and we taught features of these sites. The nicenet site is used in America much more and is offeed free for public use and free for participation. In tis site we can not add any graphic and it is used for readin and writing. Dokeos provides us to create a course for learners and the visual aid is very good. There are three steps ; for doing the fourth task, the students must do first, second and third tasks. We download eleven articles and students can look at ones every each week. We can learn how long the students are there. Teacher can add quizzes for students and it gives a chance fort hem to ask questions and they can disscuss a topic there. They can also learn their grades from there. The teachers can learn whether the students understand or not, so the teacher can repeat the topic.

         Authoring is a section that teacher prepares and the interaction is a section of students. Assigments in which the students download their projects/homework. Administration is a department both of students and teachers. From Gradebox, students can learn their grades. The teacher can colose the buton if they do want the students not to chat.